Raise your hand if the internet, in all of its Fake News & clickbait glory, has ever made you feel like crap. Yeah, us too. It doesn’t take more than a quick, mindless social media scroll to exhaust your heart and fry your mind.

Upwrite Magazine is manufactured here!

We believe the internet doesn’t have to leave us feeling powerless–we get to choose what we read and what we fill it with. And that’s why we’re here. Equal parts magazine and creative community, Upwrite’s mission is simple: share stories that empower both the writer and the audience.

Because the internet doesn’t need more things “you won’t believe.” It needs more things you can believe in. More grace. More honest writers boldly engaging with the creative process through authentic prose. More counter-cultural artists who choose to unearth the truth, goodness, and beauty in culture.

That’s the stuff we want to read, and the stuff we want to write about. Imagine the longform stories and quippy listicles you hate to love and love to hate with the saturation & highlights upped 150% (no filter, duh). Imagine hopeful endings.

Come vibe with us.


Ashley Abramson and Kate Watson were introduced by the Holy Spirit in February 2016. Seriously, you can ask Him. (More on that here, if you’re so inclined). After promising teenage stints at Coldstone Creamery, dual writing degrees, and a set of 2014-born sons, they created Upwrite as an outlet for their shared zeal for authentic, craft-focused writing with a side of laughs. Together, they develop the writing and writers of Upwrite Magazine.

Ashley Abramson is an eternal English major whose natural habitat is any combination of words and people. A freelance copywriter/stay-at-mom home hybrid by day and online magazine proprietor by night, Ashley also writes regularly for RELEVANT Magazine. When she isn’t writing or editing, you can find her plotting her next laugh, exploring Minneapolis with her husband and toddler son, and defending her excessive novelty drink habit.

Have a thing for baby pics and whitewashed backgrounds? Hang out with her on Instagram. Prefer witty one-liners and gratuitous re-tweets? Try Twitter. You can also check out her (infrequently updated) portfolio here and her (even more deserted) personal website here.

Kate Watson is a freelance developmental editor who also writes about feminism, faith, and culture while her son watches YouTube videos late into the night. Like most New Yorkers, Kate is simultaneously passionate and nonplussed about just about everything. The one thing that she’s not ambivalent about is investing the best of her time and energy into good people and good writing. You can follow Kate on Twitter and Instagram but be warned, it gets pretty weird.

Who runs this Magazine Now?

Since our original founding editors have given up this Magazine idea, it is taken over by a group of frustrated folks. It doesn’t matter who runs this blog anymore, you should only think about awesome content we continue to provide without any annoying popups or distracting ads. We have no intention to publish click-baits or fake News. Hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay here 🙂